Klaskanine River Hydrographic Survey

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SWLS was contracted to provide Columbia River Estuary Study Taskforce (CREST) with a combined hydrographic and topographic survey of a section of the Klaskanine River near Astoria. The objective of the project was to restore 50+ acres of emergent and forested estuarine wetland through breaching and lowering of levees, and restoration of tidal channels. The project involved the creation of a cross levee to protect adjacent property from flooding.

This was a very technical project. For the hydrographic portion of the survey, Statewide used a 16’ jet boat and a Trimble RTK GPS. The Hydrolite echo sounder sonar unit was also used, streaming depth values into a TSC3 data collector using a set time interval. The depths were then subtracted from the RTK X, Y, and Z position of the transducer. A cast of the water column was made two times a day with the Digibar Pro, collecting a sound velocity of the water column every five feet in depth. The average reading of the cast was then used for the sound velocity setting in the Hydrolite sonar unit.


Columbia River Estuary Study Taskforce (CREST)



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February 29, 2016

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